Bearding the lion in his dean

(Or, at least, tiptoeing around the whining kitten….)

This afternoon, I stepped out to run some errands. More precisely, I stepped out and then stepped on some litter — some kind people had left some Kerry-Edwards “literature” stuffed in my doorway.

You get used to it, living in the biggest city in Cow Hampshire, but today I was mildly cranky. I spotted the two middle-aged ladies who were apparently canvassing my neighborhood and stopped to chat with them. (They were easy to identify; one had a clipboard, the other a “ACT” tote bag.)

I challenged them to give me three achievements of John Kerry’s from the last 20 years. They started into their standard schpiel about all his grandiose plans. I interrupted them and asked just what it was that gave them confidence that he would actually carry them out. Once I’d broken their script, though, they were flustered. “Well, I guess you’re a Bush supporter. Thank you for your interest.”

Silly me, I gave them back their campaign literature. I coulda saved someone else from having to deal with their litter.

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Later in my errands, I came ouf of a store and saw it — the Source Of All Evil. (Or, at least, the local mecca of silliness.) The Kerry-Edwards New Hampshire headquarters, less than a mile from my house. I had no choice. I ran back to my car (well, walked — it’s a Sunday afternoon, after all) and got my camera. I HAD to document this.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll post a few of the better ones. Unfortunately, they didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped — I’m not as great a photographer as I’d like to be.

But I did notice a few things that amused me. First, the office is three doors down from a New Hampshire State Liquor Store. Here’s hoping they find that incredibly convenient come the night of November 2nd.

Second, about half the cars with Kerry-Edwards stickers on them were from out of state, and nearly all of them from Massachusetts. It’s no secret by now I’m less than fond of our neighbors to the south, and this is one more reason I should distrust both Kerry and Massachusetts in general.

Thirdly, there was one guy sitting in the driver’s seat of his SUV right in front of the doors, in the fire lane, engine running, door ajar, and reading a newspaper. I lost count of the laws and liberal sins this one bozo was violating.

Fourthly, I did admire one vehicle. It lost points for the Massachusetts plate and Kerry sticker, but I had to laugh at a Honda Pilot with a name plate on the rear that proclaimed it a “MICRO HUMMER.”

The final thing I noticed was as I left the plaza. Behind the building, as a wonderfully symbolic gesture, they’d hung their biggest sign on the fencing surrounding their trash can.


Sometimes living in Cow Hampshire can be too much fun…


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