The Likability Factor

This very unscientific article (Registration required) about a very few undecided Minnesota voters is a particularly fascinating read. The Readers Digest version is that voters know and trust integrity of President Bush, even if they don’t support him politically. John Kerry, while gaining during the debates on the issues has serious perception problems. The fact is that even people predisposed to vote for him in many cases either don’t like him or don’t trust him. The one thing undecideds agree on is that Kerry is at his best when he’s talking on the issues, especially domestic issues.

So what are the major stories surrounding the Kerry campaign?

None of which seems like a particularly good idea when you’re trying to convince people to ignore the fact that they’re not particularly fond of you…

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*** There are plenty of documented cases of registration and/or ballot issues throughout the country – there’s no real need to invent new ones that don’t actually exist.

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