A 5 Spot – "I'm not surprised" edition.

Since I’m only about half the blogger Kevin is, I’ll just steal his schtick long enough to do a 5 spot.

Rusty Shackleford runs the numbers and finds that Bush is not the first president to “lose jobs” — not even by a long shot. The DNC lied and the media repeated it??? No surprise there.

Spoons is reporting that one of the most influential pieces of “global warming evidence” might be based entirely upon a mathematical mistake. Somehow I’m both surprised but really not — at the same time. (good link BTW)

James Joyner has the scoop on Democrats disenfranchising voters. I’m not surprised are you?

Remember that poster the Democrats put out insulting retarded children? Michelle Malkin reports that now the Dems are saying it was all planted by Karl Rove to make them look bad. Anyone surprised the Dems would say that, please remove yourself from the gene pool, you really should not breed.

And finally, Bill over at INDCjournal has an interesting post about that fact that Mark Helprin of “Spin the News for Kerry” fame, gave Bill Clinton a one day “heads up” that ABC had the “I loathe the military” letter so team Clinton could prepare a proper response. Somehow…. I’m not surprised.

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