Separate but not equal

The media finally discovers the topic of voter fraud.

The T.V. news outlets and the print media are abuzz. You see, an employee who was fired last week from a company hired by the Republican party has said he saw people at his former company destroy voter registration cards from Democrats.

Eric Russell told the FBI that he never would have said a word if the company had paid him what he claimed they owed him. (ain’t that extortion?) He claims he saw “8 or 10” forms discarded. The story broke yesterday and google news now shows almost 100 versions of the story most of which have run in the last 5 hours.

The company officials have sworn affidavits that all allegations are false and say that 20% of the cards they turned in are from Democrats and they canvassed an area with about 20% Democrat.

In short- a sketchy story with potentially 10 voters being affected and the media runs 100 stories on it.

But the day before in Colorado it came out that the left wing group ACORN was caught committing massive voter fraud. A local TV station quickly found “719 cases of potentially fraudulent forms at county election offices”

Note- these were forms already turned in. If you watch the video from the T.V. station they found dozens of forms with the same signature. These are not “allegations.” The fraudulent actions have been done and they have been caught. They also found 12,000 felons on the voter roles in Colorado. How many news stories were generated by an obviously far more egregious event that has been in the news cycle 24 hours longer?


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