It's a good time to be a Masshole

It’s a good time to be a proud Massachusetts resident. The Patriots are undefeated, the Red Sox are in the playoffs against the hated Yankees (although down one game after a fierce struggle), and the junior Senator is in a neck-and-neck race for the presidency. Everything is coming up roses, it seems.

Pity, however, I’m a New Hampshirite with an innate disdain for our loony neighbors to the south and no interest whatsoever in sports.

I don’t know or don’t care anything about football, so I ignore the Patriots. The Red Sox have been perpetual losers since 1918, the last time they won a World Series (I think — and I don’t care enough to find out. It’s so bad that there are jokes about the Red Sox.

What’s the difference between a Yankee Stadium hot dog and a Fenway Frank? You can still get a Yankee dog well into October!

How are the Red Sox like a lawn chair? Every fall, they both fold up and get put away until Spring!

And as far as Kerry goes… this is the third time a Massachusetts liberal has run for president since 1980, and I think it’s high time we squashed this one, too.


Bush Vs. Kerry - Round 3
If it wasn't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all


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