Insurgent Alliance Is Fraying In Fallujah

Karl Vick of the Washington Post reports:

BAGHDAD, Oct. 12 — Local insurgents in the city of Fallujah are turning against the foreign fighters who have been their allies in the rebellion that has held the U.S. military at bay in parts of Iraq’s Sunni Muslim heartland, according to Fallujah residents, insurgent leaders and Iraqi and U.S. officials.

Relations are deteriorating as local fighters negotiate to avoid a U.S.-led military offensive against Fallujah, while foreign fighters press to attack Americans and their Iraqi supporters. The disputes have spilled over into harsh words and sporadic violence, with Fallujans killing at least five foreign Arabs in recent weeks, according to witnesses.

[Read the rest]It sound like real progress is being made by the Iraqi government, especially in the hearts and minds department. One would guess that the Iraqi government has told local militias that they will have a seat at the table of local power if they lay down their weapons. The last barrier appears to be the foreign jihadists who want no part of a new Iraq. From the sounds of it the natives have turned on them, and it’s only a matter of time until they are removed – one way or another.

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