Bush Vs. Kerry – Round 3

I thought this was going to be a domestic policy debate…

Semi-Live Blogging

Gay Marriage

So far neither candidate is particularly impressive. Both Kerry and Edwards have an obsessive need to mention that Dick Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian.

Abortion/Catholic Issues

Faith without works quote from Kerry. Too bad his deeds don’t match his words. Bush talks of culture of life. Neither is more impressive than the other.

I must note that Bob Schieffer is doing an excellent job of staying away from Bush or Kerry softballs.

La Shawn Barber notes that I sound jaded, and she’s not wrong… I’m not hearing anything from either candidate. I’m calling this one a draw after 30 minutes… That’s probably worse news for Kerry than Bush, since he is widely expected to do better on the domestic issues. I don’t expect any knockdowns in this format…

Medical Costs

Bush actually stakes some new ground noting the lack of IT. Kerry restates is issues from previous debates. It’s still pretty good material, it’s just not new.

HEY BUSH GOT IN A FUNNY KNOCK AT CBS!!! “With all due respect, I’m not sure quoted leading media organizations…”

Social Security

Bush talks of Personal savings accounts. Kerry calls personal savings accounts a disaster. Kerry won’t cut benefits. Bob Schieffer wonders if Kerry is smoking crack when he says there won’t be some adjustment in benefits or delaying start time – Kerry says “no”. Bush says Kerry voted to tax social security. Bush FINALLY sums up the economics of the recession and the tax cuts in good short forcefully statements.

Border Security

Bush pushes for his temporary worker card. He’s right about people coming for higher wages and taking pressure off the borders. Kerry says the borders are less secure. Man I’m bored…

Minimum Wage

Kerry wants a $7 an hour minimum wage. He says 15 million would benefit, the question is how many would be laid off? Bush comes alive, “reading is the new civil right.”

Roe vs. Wade

Bush – no litmus test. Kerry – litmus test. Then it just wandered. Kerry committed a telling slip of the tonger. “I appoint judges who uphold the court provided, [corrects himself] constitutional rights [he proceeds to lists a few]…”


Zzzzzzzzz. I change my prediction that the debate is a draw, and I now declare that the winner is Ralph Nader…

OK so the winner isn’t Nader, it’s whoever is ahead in the next set of polls. My suspicion is that there will be no movement in the polls over the next few days, which of course means it’s a draw. It was a greatest hits collection from the first two debates.

Update: As Allah is likely decamped at Yankee Stadium, as his normal debate coverage is AWOL. John Hawkins has been rounding up recactions from around the conservative side of the ‘shpere. There’s a load of trackbacks to below to follow as well…

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