This question from the CNN debate blog – [Ed – who know such a thing existed?] asked by Kerry lackey Paul Begala sums up the jibes at a Bushism from Friday’s debate.

The ‘Internets?’
Posted: 9:37 p.m. ET
From Paul Begala, CNN

Bush just said: “I hear there’s rumors on the Internets.” Is there some secret second Internet I don’t know about? Perhaps that’s where Bush gets the information that tells him things are so peachy in Iraq and the economy’s strong. He’s living in his own Private Idaho, apparently reading things on his own private Internet.But was it a Bushism?

Paul forgets that Al Gore’s boss (and his boss at the time) pushed for funding and federal stewardship of another internet called the Next Generation Internet, better known to techies as IPv6.

There’s also Internet2, a high-performance research and education IPv6 network established by a consortium of American universities several years ago. Other similar government and privatly funded research internets have been running for years.

Earlier this year VARBusiness noted:

The Department of Defense (DoD) is now seeking to establish IPv6 in all Internet and intranet systems departmentwide by fiscal year 2008. Being that the DoD often leads government-agency purchasing trends, other announcements are anticipated, with Transportation and Homeland Security among the many also voicing interest in IPv6.

So don’t worry Mr. Begala, we won’t hold it against you that a “dummy” knows more about internet technology than you. It’s his strategery

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