A Sequel To "This Land"

Do the JibJab guys have another hit parody piece in them? We’ll find out tonight…

NEW YORK(AP) – From the creators of the political satire sensation “This Land” comes a sequel set to the tune of “Dixie.” The online animation “Good To Be in DC!” features the presidential and vice presidential candidates along with Attorney General John Ashcroft, CBS News anchor Dan Rather, filmmaker Michael Moore, talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Jane Fonda.

…Running at 80 seconds, or about 30 seconds shorter than “This Land,” the sequel was to debut on the Leno show Thursday and be available afterward at JibJab.com and AtomFilms.com. Spiridellis said “The Tonight Show” is paying an undisclosed amount for premiere rights.

Mika Salmi, chief executive of AtomShockwave Corp., said the company is preparing for an onslaught of traffic by arranging for more bandwidth and trying to sell more ads.Fire up the TiVo’s for The Tonight Show and check back here for direct links to the video this evening.

Update: “Good to be in DC!” is up at AtomFilms and JibJab.com

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