Cleaning up the garbage

Recently, this site has received a lot of attention due to a series of pieces Paul has authored regarding the research by a certain professor into document forgeries. I have avoided any sort of involvement in this topic. I did this for two reasons: 1) I’ve been insanely busy at work (50-60 hours a week, 2 days total off since Labor Day) and haven’t had the time/energy to give it its proper attention, and B) the matter is so far out of my reach I’d be a vain idiot to even attempt to give it any credible attention.

But ever since Kevin and Paul started toning down the story, this site has received more and more attention. It peaked this morning (so far) when one particularly determined twit decided to post the same comment (with an occasional variation or two, proving that even he finds himself boring) 28 times to nearly EVERY SINGLE PIECE on the main page, and possibly more.

Wizbang isn’t my site, the story isn’t mine, and I have huge philosophical problems with just deleting comments (besides spam, of course) to my pieces. But this particular moron (whom, I believe, is a DSL customer of Ameritech’s in Plano, Texas, but again I digress) spent three hours committing the cyber version of grafitti all over this site. But when decided to toss his profanity-laden vomit on MY pieces as well, that made it my concern.

This is addressed directly to the moron, who I am sure is looking to see what kind of attention he gets (much like a little boy who peed on the living room carpet just before company arrives): I deleted your spam from my postings. I didn’t clean up the mess you left on Paul and Kevin’s pieces; that’s not my prerogative. But if you crap up any more of MY work, I will be forced to take further action.


Kevin adds: Welcome to the ban file IP address [whois]. Your ISP has been notified of your actions.

And Jay Tea adds: I think the above shows just who swings the biggest mallet around WizBang — the guy who pays the bills.

And Julie, Gennie: I will neither confirm nor deny your comments, but the link Kevin provided might assist you.

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