The 10 Spot – The Right Stuff Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb…

  1. Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper died of natural causes at the age of 77.

  2. Scott Simmie reports on SpaceShipOne –Right stuff for right price

  3. If you heard that Paris Hilton was performing onstage, then she started to sing you would boo too.

  4. A blogging flight attendant is in serious danger of losing her job.

  5. BoiFromTroy answer one of the burning questions raised by the Montreal Expos move to DC – what happens to all the gay nightclubs?

  6. Here’s an interesting angle in the Justice Department’s misguided crusade against pornography – bury them in mandatory paperwork.

  7. Is Michael Moore a better journalist than Dan Rather and Mary Mapes?

  8. Swedish parliamentarians want to levy a “man tax

  9. Mac says, “[E]verything is magnified in this rather contentious election year. Come mid-November, the blogging celebrity tour will come to an end because the blogisphere’s 15 minutes will be up when the election is over.”

  10. Speaking of the blogger celebrity tour , this weeks tour stop is the Tammy Bruce show. Yesterday Charles Johnson was the guest, and today John Hinderacker is on the show. I will be the guest on Friday.
    [If you know who the Wednesday and Thursday guests are please leave a link.]

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