A Note to my emailers (and others)

[Note for those of you who forget to look down, this is Paul typing not Kevin.]

Ok Folks… My mail box has been filling with people saying “Hey did you see this?” in regards to Dr. Hailey’s work. First, yes, I’ve probably seen everything you have found and pages and pages more. Yes, it could fill a book. Who cares?

Let me explain.

For me personally the issue is dead. Before the media started making noises like they were going to run with this study, I treated it as a private manner with the University. I viewed it (and still do) as something worthy of the University’s censure. Both academic freedom and academic responsibility are issues that I hold near and dear.

While it might not have showed by the admittedly rude way I worded my first post, I hold no personal animosity toward Dr. Hailey. (I know I could have fooled many of you. 😉 However, frankly, I’m dismayed by some of the things I’ve seen in that regard.

Here is my point. This story is only of legitimate interest to the public at large when it was going to potentially affect the out come of the election for President. Am I overstating the potential importance of this study? Remember the last Presidential election was decided by 535 votes. ANYTHING can swing an election that close. A rain shower in one precinct can change the leader of the free world in time of war. (scary thought, no matter which side of the aisle you are on, huh?) A case could be made that if the memos ever gained legitimacy it could swing the election. Certainly Bill Burkett and Mary Mapes have both said that.

I think it is safe to say that CBS won’t be interviewing Professor Hailey on 60 Minutes next week. The list of errors in his work go far, far beyond what I have published. (Again, yes I have it all documented, no need to mail.) I promise if CBS or the Boston Globe interviews him next week we can publish all the things wrong with the study.

Now, let me speak to the larger issue. I was admittedly rude with my first post. With the benefit of hindsight, it was not my finest hour… But some of the things you people are doing is just beyond the pale. I won’t mention names or provide links but the final straw that made me mention this was a site I saw where they were investigating his personal life on a mission to destroy Hailey personally. BAD, BAD, BAD IDEA.

Professor Jim Lindgren said it best: “I do not, however, believe that he should be subject to more than the normal punishment for extremely shoddy scholarly work

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