Did John Kerry Cheat at the Debate?

Bill at INDCJournal has another long fly ball. Video seems to show that John Kerry pulled some notes out of his jacket while his back was turned to the audience at the start of the debate. Later video looks like he is unfolding something.

Even if they were not notes, (which is what it really looks like) the rules specifically said the candidates were not allowed to bring anything in with them. Interesting.

Go read all about it.

(The video has a FOXNews crawler but it was pool cameras so they all have the same footage. )

If they get flooded, Drudge is hosting it too. My bad, I was packing boxes and I looked too fast. He just links it.

update- I was busy so I trusted an emailer. Drudge does host it. Click on the picture in his story.

"The most important presidential election in history"


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