CBS – Rather Lame

Bill at INDCJournal has an exclusive interview with the reporter and the producer of the bogus draft piece that ran on the CBS Evening News the other night. Shockingly they’ve adopted the “fake, but accurate” defense as well. We all know how well that turned out the first time…

James Lindgren at The Volokh Conspiracy has the lowdown on’s call to lobby CBS to run the phony Niger yellowcake story – the one that was canned to run the Bush TANG hit piece. He does ask an interesting question:

[H]ow does MoveOn know what CBS was going to say in their report?

Easy, CBS pre-released the piece to a variety of like minded organizations. Once the piece was killed Salon decided it was too important to not report on…

[If you’re not a subscriber you can get a Salon day pass by viewing an ad]

Allah highlights the case of CBS radio commentator Dave Ross who is a Democratic candidate for Congress. Mr. Ross gets paid to broadcast commentary of his choosing to an electorate whose votes he is soliciting. How could that be a bad thing, right?…

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