The New York Times Disses RNC Bloggers

The New York Times has a 10 page article in the Sunday Magazine on bloggers, the Republican National Convention, and the Democratic National Convention – and cannot manage to mention a single blog that was accredited to cover the RNC? That should hardly come as a shock, but here’s the RNC Bloggers crew that didn’t merit a mention:

Wizbang, Redstate, Power Line, Dean’s World, Blogs for Bush, Roger L. Simon, Captain’s Quarters, Tacitus, RealClearPolitics, OxBlog, Campaign Web Review, The Command Post, Spot On, Hugh Hewitt, Slant Point

That’s a pretty respectable lineup of bloggers no matter how you rate them (traffic or links), especially in light of the Rathergate affair.

The article was clearly written the week of the RNC and they couldn’t figure out that there were bloggers AT THE CONVENTION? Instead they spent the week interviewing bloggers at The Tank? Good for those at The Tank, but would it have been too much to ask that they had at least stopped by Bloggers Row?

Hat Tip: Allah, Ace

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