The 10 Spot – Sunday Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb…

  1. News of the World and UK authorities bust a dirty bomb plot

  2. Beldar challenges the myth that The SwiftBoat Veterans For Truth charges have been debunked

  3. Bill at INDC Journal catches up with CBS’s Bob Schieffer, and gets his thoughts on Rathergate.

  4. Lindsay Lohan is refocusing her media image on her “real assets”

  5. Reality TV was all to real for Subaru Primal Quest contestant Nigel Aylott. He died after being struck by a 300-pound boulder.

  6. Jay Tea doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to Boston to meet the Bush twins! You can go to – $150 get’s you in the door and $2000 you get a photo op with the first daughters. (Via Spot On)

  7. If you’ve got an infant Heather Armstrong wants to know, “have you reconvened your procedure?” ***

  8. Do you think Stacy Tabb is a bit hurricane jaded?

  9. Bitchin Camero, Bitchin Camero, Doughnuts on your lawn. Bitchin Camero, Bitchin Camero, Tony Orlando and Dawn.

  10. Oops!… Subaru Primal Quest had another close call with a couple contestants – it’s not their week…

*** Our youngest is almost 6 months old, and the answer is “yes”

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