Another Sign of Desperation

You know it must be getting to them. The polls, the CBS debacle, the general meltdown the democratic party — It must be tough being liberal right now. Now we have another sign it’s getting to them.

The Rooftop Report has a post called “Wizbang Craziness” where he attempts to portray Wizbang as journalistically equivalent to CBS. A charge that should make any pajama clad orator shudder.

He makes this charge based on 3 posts, since 2 of them were mine, I’ll do the honors.

#1) Burkett: Lockhart wanted Documents. In this post they make the point, via a misquote, that Burkett was pressured by Lockhart and the Democrats for the Killian Memos. Unfortunately for Republicans the Mercury News retracted the comment.

He’s apparently right… to a point. After I blogged it, there was a retraction in the Merc News. A fact I was not aware of until I read his post. This is not “craziness” it is simply a retraction to an earlier story not being noted. An email to me or Kevin would have produced an update. Indeed, I made a special update that I highlighted prominently showing that the reporter’s home paper did not carry the damning quote but the Merc News did. I mentioned a potential problem with the story minutes after I posted it and a day before the Rooftop Report dubbed it “craziness.” Again, a simple email would have produced a second update. Instead, the Rooftop Report embarrassed themselves.

#2) Is much like the first. In “But- It’s just one position on Iraq.” I blogged a story that was corrected today while I was attending a picnic at the local zoo. I hereby apologize to the Rooftop Report for not bringing a cellular equipped laptop to the zoo with me so I can check every post I’ve ever blogged to see if there was a correction later. From now on, I’ll keep a routine. Elephants, check for corrections, monkeys, check for corrections, zebras, check for corrections…

#3) His last one was “his favorite” ironically it’s mine too.

(3) Funny, I don’t feel a draft…. This is my favorite. Here is a 706 word rant about Kerry saying Bush is going to reinstate the draft that contains zero quotes. Why no quotes? Well, presumably, because Kerry never said Bush would reinstate the draft. He actually never said anything like that at all.

Apparently they don’t get google news on his side the internet or a simple search for “Kerry draft” would have found the following articles.

Kerry: Draft Likely to Return Under Bush
John Kerry Raises Possibility That Military Draft May Return if President Bush Is Re-Elected


Kerry suggest Bush might bring back military draft



and 624 “related items”

I guess if Kerry “actually never said anything like that at all” then a whole bunch of people heard him wrong.

There’s some craziness going around for sure. A desperate kind of craziness. I’ll leave it to the reader to decided where.

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