More Unimpeachable Sources

Media Matters blogger Duncan Black is urging readers to buy the latest edition of the National Enquirer so they can jerk off to more of the same old allegations from the far-left fringe of Bush drug use. The Enquirer is trying to dress up very old unsubstantiated rumors from previous Bush campaigns by using proven liar Kitty Kelley and freelance journalist Toby Rogers – whose supposed source denies everything attributed to him. Both of these “journalists” rely heavily on the work of J. H. Hatfield (profiled here last week). Who else relies on that unsubstantiated work that was dropped by its publisher?

Michael Moore
John Kerry’s Party

Bush-hating draws Democrats to tinfoil-wearing wackjobs like moths to a light. Just ask Dan Rather and Mary Mapes…

Mama T. Speaks
Greatest Soundtrack Of All Time?


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