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Kerry out attack

During a 1997 debate on CNN’s “Crossfire,” Sen. John Kerry, now the Democratic presidential nominee, made the case for launching a pre-emptive attack against Iraq.

So reveals Rep. Peter King, New York Republican, who appeared with Mr. Kerry on the program.

Mr. King says the U.N. Security Council had just adopted a resolution against Iraq that was watered down at the behest of the French and the Russians. Yet the candidate who now criticizes President Bush for ignoring French and Russian objections to the Iraq war blasted the two countries, claiming that they were compromised by their business dealings with Baghdad.

“We know we can’t count on the French. We know we can’t count on the Russians,” said Mr. Kerry. “We know that Iraq is a danger to the United States, and we reserve the right to take pre-emptive action whenever we feel it’s in our national interest.”And then there’s this

The war on Iraq was a mistake — war was unnecessary because the inspections were working: “Today, President Bush tells us that he would do everything all over again, the same way. How can he possibly be serious? Is he really saying that if we knew there were no imminent threat, no weapons of mass destruction, no ties to Al Qaeda, the United States should have invaded Iraq? My answer is no — because a commander in chief’s first responsibility is to make a wise and responsible decision to keep America safe.”

I guess it could be argued Kerry really only has one position on Iraq… the one he thinks people want to hear.

Update: [Kevin] The Washington Times (Kerry out attack) misquoted Kerry.

Due to erroneous information from Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, an item in the Inside the Beltway column in yesterday’s editions incorrectly quoted Sen. John Kerry in a 1997 appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire” as arguing for a unilateral, pre-emptive war against Iraq.

In reference to a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding access to Iraqi weapons sites, Mr. Kerry actually said: “I think that’s our great concern [-] where’s the backbone of Russia, where’s the backbone of France, where are they in expressing their condemnation of such clearly illegal activity [-] but in a sense, they’re now climbing into a box and they will have enormous difficulty not following up on this if there is not compliance by Iraq.”

Later, referring to French and Russian reservations on the use of force, Mr. Kerry said: “There’s absolutely no statement that they have made or that they will make that will prevent the United States of America and this president or any president from acting in what they believe are the best interests of our country.”By the way, that president was Clinton.

Paul has more on the spate of corrected MSM stories upon which Wizbang posts were based here.

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