Karl Rove, Comic Strip Figure

In the (increasingly tired) comic strip “Family Circus,” there’s a recurring (and recurring and recurring…) gag where one of the kids misbehaves in some way. When asked who broke the lamp/left the door open/stepped on KittyCat/fingerpainted on the wall/hired a dominatrix, the child in question loudly proclaims, “Not Me!” And then in the background, we see a ghostly figure with “NOT ME” plastered on his chest doing the misdeed in question.

I think the left has been reading The Family Circus for way too long. Now it seems whenever something bad happens to them, it was “KARL ROVE” who did it. Who arranged for Osama Bin Laden’s relatives to leave the country after 9/11? KARL ROVE! Who sank Howard Dean’s campaign? KARL ROVE! Who is behind the Swift Boat Vets? KARL ROVE! Who arranged for Dan Rather, the Kerry Campaign, and a certified nutjob with a history of hating Bush to fall for the same bad forgeries and go on national TV with them? Why, it must have been KARL ROVE!

I’m starting to wonder just how Rove does all this. Maybe it’s like “Multiplicity,” and there are actually several Karl Roves. Or maybe he’s the boogeyman, and liberals frighten their children with tales that if they don’t eat their vegetables and go to sleep when told, Karl Rove will come and smear them.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just so much easier to blame some shadowy conspiracy for your own failings, rather than admit to your own shortcomings and ineptitude. After all, we’re the good guys, they tell themselves. Our cause is just, our people are righteous, our goals are noble — it just can’t be a coincidence that we keep tripping up and failing. There must be a greater reason why we keep being rejected by the American people. It must be something evil, something sinister, some sort of plot…

masterminded by KARL ROVE!


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//firewall against all but whitehouse.gov:

OK, Rove, here’s the coverup piece you wanted. NOW will you start sending me those RNC checks?

end firewall//

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