Arnold's Smoke Shack

From the Sacramento Bee:

After taking office last year, Schwarzenegger, a cigar enthusiast, installed his small, tan-colored smoking tent in the middle of the ground-floor patio outside the governor’s office. He also had a layer of artificial grass placed over existing concrete, giving the patio a backyard feel.

But now the fake turf also has helped give the governor an all too real sense of living in flood-prone Sacramento.

“At least one of the drains was covered,” Edelen said. “The turf impeded the flow of water into it, for sure. But the main contributor was the two inches of rain in an hour. … It was too much rain in an hour.”Maybe they’ll replace the AstroTurf with a layer of sand and make it a cigar tent/beach volleyball court.

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  1. Scott Edelen September 23, 2004