Swift Boat Vets Launch New Ad

The Swifties have a new ad up. This is their biggest media buy at 1.2 million dollars.

I don’t find this one is as effective as some of the earlier ones. It is a 30 second spot with a 40 second script. It’s too rushed and I don’t like the tonal quality of the voice. It is aggressive and I think they needed solemn.

But the biggest problem is the content. It is about Kerry meeting with Communist North Vietnamese leaders in Paris. That’s a fine topic but they blow the delivery.

It attempts to be an educational piece but they spend 2 seconds on it. 90% of the viewers have no idea the story is true and therefor it is easily discounted by the people who don’t follow this day in and day out. I’d guess 50% of the people who watch it just go, “Huh?”

It is obvious they are looking to use the spot to get “earned media” the problem is the MSM does not want to give them the airtime to begin with and to be frank, there are a lot of things competing for that time. The election is heating up, Kerry is finally settling on a campaign theme that might last a week or two and the debates are right around the corner. Add the CBS debacle to the mess and the big media might not give them the time they expected. Not to mention they are not exactly news like they were a few months ago.

If I would have done the spot, I would have spent 10 seconds telling the viewers the story was true… Let them digest that as a fact and they can convince themselves it is bad, no need for you to pummel them.

I was very impressed with the earlier ads, but I don’t think this one will get the bang for the buck unless the big media gives it a push. The fact they are still out there is good and I see no way this can harm Bush. The timing is also good, waiting until after the conventions.

It will be interesting to see how effective the ad proves to be.

Update: I saw the ad on T.V. vs the internet and I thought it worked better on the bigger screen. I still agree with this critique in general but maybe it was better than I gave it credit for.

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