Burkett To Sue CBS

From the sublime to the absurd… just when you thought this story couldn’t get any weirder. From NewsMax:

It was Mr. Burkett, not CBS, who was misled, Van Os told the Sun, explaining that “”60 Minutes” producer Mary Mapes promised to protect his then-client with complete anonymity and would “expend both time and money authenticating” the memos.

“Bill leveled with [CBS] about his doubts over the papers, and they promised him they would take their time,” Van Os insisted. But “they spent all of three days, maybe less, on authentication,” he complained.

Based on the network’s assurances of confidentiality, Burkett chose CBS over ABC News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, Van Os said.

However, he told the Sun that he now thinks a CBS is “an organization with a total lack of moral or journalistic integrity.”ABC and the Washington Post have been banging on CBS since early last week, and even the Times has come around and is doing some investigative reporting the unfolding fraud scandal at CBS. Did they know beforehand that CBS would be self destructing if they ran with this information? Did they check out the documents, if so when?

We want dates, times, and names!!!

If recent history is any guide we will get them…

Source: CBS to address Lockhart issue
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