Burkett is still lying

In the USA Today story I blogged below, they told one version of events that is obviously untrue.

Ultimately, Burkett decided to turn over the documents to one of the most persistent journalists, CBS producer Mary Mapes, sometime in August. He and his wife met Mapes and CBS reporter Mike Smith at a pizza restaurant a few miles from their ranch. At first he gave them only two of the six documents, which Mapes said she planned to have analyzed for authenticity, according to Burkett.

Burkett said he passed the rest of the documents to Smith around Sept. 5, at a drive-in restaurant near Baird.

How did the Kinkos fax stamp get on them? One of the experts (who CBS ignored) said there was a fax header from the Kinkos that was later found to be near Burkett’s house. Certainly she could not have made up a fact like that. Further, the day after that was reported, Rather hopped a jet to Texas to talk to Burkett. Obviously the expert was telling the truth, so the story Burkett told the USA Today can’t also be true.

Burkett is still lying.

UPDATE: This was based on the assumption that CBS would never let a forensics expert try to authenticate a fax when they had the original. However CBS’s “reporting” has been so incredibly sloppy they might have done just that. Underestimating CBS is something you do at your own risk.

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