Unquestionably good timing

This afternoon, I was flipping between two talk shows on the radio — WRKO’s Howie Carr and WTKK’s Jay Severin. Howie was gloating and rejoicing in C-BS’ having to eat crow, while Jay Severin was praising Kerry’s speech about Iraq. (Severin is unabashedly anti-Kerry, but he prides himself on his political acumen, and said Kerry’s speech was one of the best he’s ever given. In fact, Severin said that if enough undecided voters heard Kerry’s speech, it could swing the vote.

It occurred to me that Kerry gave his speech on exactly the perfect day. If you hop around the blogosphere, including here at Wizbang, you’ll find Kerry’s harshest critics are busy focusing on the C-BS story and giving the Kerry speech a bye. Meanwhile, the vast general public is getting home from work and turning on the TV. If you watched C BS tonight, Kerry’s speech got second billing, while Rather’s “apology” came several minutes later. His “hard-hitting” interview (complete with a bit of judicious whitewashing of their witness’ spotty history and one out-and-out lie) was probably adequate to garner a “well, that sums that up.”

Let’s see… C BS first airs it’s story using the forged documents on September 8th. The Democratic National Committee starts running it’s anti-Bush ad, “Fortunate Son,” on September 9th. C BS retracts it’s evidence (but not it’s story) on September 20th, the day Kerry gives what many are calling “the most important speech of his campaign.”

Very, very good timing, Democrats.


P.S.: On September 12, I predicted that C BS would retract it’s story about Bush’s National Guard service by 7:00 p.m. on September 23. Here it is the 20th, and C BS has retracted the evidence, but not the story. A lot of people thought it would be faster, but they dragged it out as long as they could, then only took back as much as they had to. Gee, big surprise…

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