There were two sets of documents

(Below is wild speculation because I can’t stand a mystery so I had to have a plausible explanation. Get a case of salt and enjoy the ride.)

Ok so Jeff Goldstien and Allah have been wrestling with the same problem with Burkett being the source. Clearly CBS would never take the word of a guy with known mental problems who has a grudge against Bush. So who was the “unimpeachable source” if not Burkett? (read both links above or at least Jeff’s if I lose you.) Jeff makes an interesting point but he does not explain the Kinkos connection. I think I can.

Consider what we know. (IOU links to original sources, I’m really too busy to type this.)

* One of the experts CBS hired told Newsweek that a producer told them they received the memo’s anonymously thru the mail.

* Another expert said they had Kinkos makings on them. These people have no real reason to lie.

* There has been a debate how long CBS was on the story. CBS said 6 weeks then later around Sept 1.

* Remember some of the CBS documents had markings on them, others didn’t. Leading people to believe CBS had marked them up after they got them.

* The producer (Mapes) got a tip a few weeks ago that she got permission to follow THEN got excited when she scored a few days before broadcast.

* CBS was damned sure they had Bush nailed. They must have had something. right? right?

I had a few more in my brain but I forgot while I was typing, I’ll update.

What would tie up ALL the loose ends?

Two sets of memos.

What if Mapes got them mailed to her anon from one source. She goes to CBS and says, “I think I got it” they give her permission to follow it up. She beats the streets then finally, another set up memos shows up from a second source. (Burkett via kinkos)

CBS would think they struck gold. They had it from 2 sources.

OK wild speculation and if I had more time, I’d fill in some more blanks. But it is the only thing that would explain everything in one swoop.

Of course it would open another whole set of questions.

Make no mistake, I’m not into conspiracy theories. That’s not what this is. There are a bunch of questions out there and this is the only thing that explains them all.

Am I right? Who knows. But I love a puzzle.

BTW I’d love for any information confirming this and I’d especially love someone who can shoot it down.

PS- If anyone needs me I’ll be checking paul at wizbangblog for a while. Mail to my regular domain may not be checked for a few more days.

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