On The Trail Of The Forger – Part II

A large number of people have been mentioned as the creator of the CBS (and USA Today) forged memos. This morning we learn that CBS will admit to being dupped, but it does not appear that they will finger the actual creator of the documents. Dan Rather was nice enough to profile the forger in his New York Observer article last week.

Mr. Rather said that it would require an exceptional amount of knowledge to craft a forgery – and not just the typographical kind. “You’d have to have an in-depth knowledge of Air Force manuals from 1971,” he said. “You’d have to have Bush’s service record, you’d have to have the Air Force regulations from 1971, you’d have to know nearly all of the people involved directly at that time, including the squadron commander, who was Bush’s immediate superior, and his attitude at the time – you’d have to know all those things and weave all those things in.”

And now to the top 10 suspects (in no particular order):

The most likely scenario is that some as yet unknown combination of these folks were involved in the creation of the memos CBS relied on. My hypothesis is that the answer lies in the archives at Washington Monthly and the blog coverage of this story in February. The folks listed above figured out why they weren’t able to push the Bush story over the top in the main stream press, and filled in the missing wholes this time.

This is an open thread for fact gathering or research summarization.

There were two sets of documents
Rather To "Fall On Sword"


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