Kerry Invokes His Anti-War Stand From The 1970's

From John Kerry’s speech at New York University today:

It is never easy to discuss what has gone wrong while our troops are in constant danger. But it’s essential if we want to correct our course and do what’s right for our troops instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

I know this dilemma first-hand. After serving in war, I returned home to offer my own personal voice of dissent. I did so because I believed strongly that we owed it those risking their lives to speak truth to power. We still do.Well since he’s bringing up his principled protest to the Vietnam War…


From Mike Krempasky at RedState:

I’m hearing that starting mid-week, the Swifties will make their biggest ad buy yet (maybe twice as large as any previous). And if you look at the trend of the ads they’ve put out so far, it’s only getting worse for John Kerry.

Word is, they’re in the studios right now cutting a spot that looks at Kerry’s exploits in Paris when he met with the North Vietnamese (read: THE ENEMY) while he was still a naval officer.Kerry is Wile E. Coyote…

American Hostage Beheaded In Iraq
Dan Rather statement (Bill Burkett the source)


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