Free For All?

Coordination is all the rage these days, now it may not be open season.

WASHINGTON (AP) – A judge has struck down more than a dozen of the government’s current rules on political fund raising with just weeks before Election Day, concluding federal regulators improperly weakened the nation’s campaign finance law.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ordered the Federal Election Commission to write new rules to govern key aspects of fund raising, including when candidates and outside parties can coordinate activities.

The judge did not specifically address how candidates and political parties in the heat of current campaign should act in the absence of the rules. The law’s main provisions, banning most large donations, are unaffected. But issues involving coordination must be addressed by regulators, for example.Law makers weren’t happy with the FEC’s interpretation of McCain/Feingold, which presumably will be enforced now.

Dan Rather statement (Bill Burkett the source)
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