Dan Rather: Miserable lying sack of shit

Dan Rather just introduced Mr. Burkett as a “former member of the Texas Air National Guard” with “a history of medical problems.” Burkett was in the ARMY National Guard, as widely reported everywhere else besides CBS, and not the AIR National Guard, where President Bush served. He also neglected to mention that his “history of medical problems” includes TWO nervous breakdowns and a LONG history of blaming Bush and the National Guard for his problems.

I guess we all know just what Rather considers “unimpeachable” sources… paranoid nutcases and himself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the need to throw up.


Update: Transcript of the CBS Nightly News broadcast this evening [Link]. This is not the video used on the news broadcast, but it is a CBS News report associated with the Rather/Burkett interview. [Video]

Unquestionably good timing
Live Blogging Dan's Apology


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