Blue Truth, Red Truth

Time looks at partisan politics and the Internet in Blue Truth, Red Truth (Available via Time Canada):

But some Kerry advisers think he has missed an opportunity to rally voters to his cause using the Net. “I don’t think this campaign really understands the new technology,” says one. “Yes, they raised money with it, but they don’t see it as an organizational tool.” The reason, he says, is that the team still steers by the stars of the New York Times and the TV networks. Senior adviser Mike McCurry reads the Daily Kos and a few other blogs, but most Kerry aides don’t and instead rely on one staff member to provide an overnight summary. The Internet is not their medium. “It’s not where they live. It’s not how they talk to each other,” says the adviser. “The Kerry camp hasn’t moved. It’s where campaigns were 20 years ago. They are going to do it the way they did it in ’88 for Michael Dukakis. They are going to do it on TV, but broadcast television is damned near irrelevant for the rest of the cycle. Things move too fast now.”

Last month I was on a political panel at JournalCon DC and I made the assertion to a mostly liberal audience that the Kerry campaign took only the money raising portion of the Howard Dean legacy, and that they did away with the rest. I got lots of head nods that day and it looks like Time magazine agrees.

More on the article at from Allah.

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