Why Cling To The "Plausibly Real" Defense?

Former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg asks that question in the Wall Street Journal.

Now it’s possible that the mystery man (or woman) is someone who lives in Denmark or Tibet and somehow got his hands on genuine documents that make the president look bad in the middle of a race that might turn out to be tighter than the rusted lug nuts on a ’54 Chevy. But I doubt it. I’m betting he lives a lot closer to home, and, who knows, he might indeed turn out to be a “partisan political force” himself. And this is precisely Dan’s problem. This is why, I suspect, he isn’t coming clean, despite the damage to his reputation. Because Dan Rather may be protecting not just his source, but himself; because, if the source turns out to be a partisan, then Dan wasn’t just taken for a ride, but may have been a willing passenger.

As Rather continues to protect his source in the face of overwhelming evidence that the memos the received were fake; it makes you wonder who would be worth destroying your career for? One possible answer to that question is his daughter, Robin Rather.

  • Robin Rather is very active in Texas Democratic politics, specifically in Travis County.

  • She lives in the same district as Ben Barnes.

  • Robin Rather and Ben Barnes worked together on Democratic party fundraisers

We’re now into week two of the Rather/Mapes stonewall. How long will it last? No one knows the answer, but the longer Rather refuse to give up the source of the phony documents, the more likely it is that Robin Rather was involved in some way. If Robin Rather was the conduit for the memos, then Dan Rather’s inexplicable stubbornness makes a lot more sense. What father would not risk everything to protect their child?

You can substitute any other number of folks into the “source worth protecting” category (Kerry, the DNC, MoveOn.org, etc.), but I suspect Rather would give up the goods on any of them before he would tarnish the reputation of his daughter.

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