Kobe Bryant Police Interview Released

The Vail Daily News obtained a copy of the police interview with Kobe Bryant. You can read it here.

Here’s a little tidbit:

Bryant: “… I can’t believe this girl. What does she want from me?”
Winters: “I don’t think she wants anything.”
Bryant: “Are you kidding me?”
Loya: “What are you willing to give her?”
Bryant: “She has to want, she has to want something (inaudible) she has to want something.”
Winters: “What do you mean she has to want something? I don’t understand.”
Bryant: “She has to have a, she has to have a motive, to do, she has to have a motive to do this.”
Winters: “What would be, what do you think her motive is, then?”
Loya: “Are you willing to pay that if she is?”
Bryant: “I got to. I got to. I’m in the worst f**king situation.”

He ended up paying – his wife got a multi-million dollar apology ring.

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