CBS Ignores Other Voices Of The 111th

I could have sworn I heard Dan Rather say,

Or were they forgeries or recreations, as marion carr knox and many other believe? We will keep an open mind, and we will continue to report credible evidence and responsible points of view as we try to answer the questions raised about the authenticity of the documents.

Apparently they weren’t interested in presenting any viewpoints that didn’t agree with their premise, since there are hundreds of other members of the 111th from the early 1970’s available for interviews. Jed Babbin at The Corner easily tracked down some other members of Bush’s squadron, who politely imply that Knox is full of shit. Here is a bit of the first:

Marian Carr Knox — the 86-year old former secretary to Dubya’s squadron commander, Jerry Killian — was flown to New York to talk to 60 Minutes last night, and began the conversation by saying the famous CBS memos weren’t authentic. But, like any lawyer who doesn’t have opposing counsel to object to improper questions, Dan Rather led her through statements about which she apparently knew nothing. And Mrs. Knox speculated her heart out.

Mrs. Knox said that though the CBS documents weren’t real, what is stated in the forgeries is. She talked and talked about how Killian was upset with Mr. Bush, how the rest of the pilots resented him for being a child of privilege, and said that Killian’s son — who disputes the validity of the CBS case against Mr. Bush — “…has no way of knowing whether it’s true or not.” And she does? Not according to the members of the squadron I spoke to this morning.

Col. Bill Campenni (USAF, Ret.) wondered just how Mrs. Knox would have more knowledge than Killian’s son. He told me that not only was young Killian the son of the squadron commander, he was a member of the squadron on duty with the rest of the guys. Mrs. Knox — the squadron secretary — only knew paper. Not people. Killian’s son was in a very good position to know, and she wasn’t.And then there’s this followup

“You said that Mr. Bush got into the National Guard on the basis of preferential treatment “…because there were a lot of other boys in there the same way.” Does that include your son, Ted, who joined the squadron in about 1972?”


Looks like it’s a “she said” vs. “everyone else said.” The record reflects that CBS has talked to many people who dispute her story, and have used precisely NONE of that footage.

Update: Jim Geraghty reports on the cumilative debunking of the ENTIRE report, not just the memos. Rather said they would report on that evidence as well. Perhaps Dan and his bosses need a gentle reminder?

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