Pop Quiz

This is a test to see which party you are in:

The Pew poll found the race at 46-46 among registered voters, and 47-46 Bush among likely voters. A Gallup poll being released Friday has Bush up 54-40 in a three-way matchup, with Ralph Nader at 3 percent.

Quick, which poll is right?

In one they are tied and in one Bush is up 14 points? The poll you believe is probably more indicative of which guy you are voting for than the accuracy of each poll. Having said that, (being a Bush guy) I think it is closer to 10 points right now.

Bush had multiple polls that put him up by double digits after the convention. Kerry, thanks to Dan Rather, has not had a single day to be on message. As such, I find it impossible that a guy who is not doing anything can make up 14 points in a week.

UPDATE: The Pew people are whacked. They broke of the poll into 2 waves. Here’s how they describe it:

The latest national survey of 1,972 registered voters by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted in two waves over a seven-day period, finds that the president’s large margin of support in the initial period (Sept. 8-10) dissipated in the polling conducted Sept. 11-14. Among all registered voters Bush initially led Kerry by 52%-40%. However, the second wave of interviewing shows the race even among registered voters, at 46%-46%

We are to believe the 9/11 anniversary gave Kerry a 12 point bounce over night? Excuse me if I don’t buy that one.

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