Shocking News From CBS!

They’re staying with the documents are real defense!

[Ed – I realize the much awaited CBS announcement has yet to come out, just getting set for the obvious…]

OK, so they’ve slipped the news to 5:00PM, so I’m not waiting them out any more. See the next post for an exclusive preview of what is coming.

I’m going to wait CBS out in this post. Here’s some easy listening music while we wait…

  • CBS News’ Bob Schieffer said Tuesday he hopes the network does more reporting to definitively prove the authenticity of memos 60 Minutes II received about President Bush’s service in the Air National Guard.

    “People ask me, ‘Do I think somebody was trying to set up Dan Rather?’ I say, “No that’s completely out of the question,” said Schieffer, who addressed the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner/meeting Tuesday night. “Would somebody do this in an effort to smear George Bush? That may be so. We’re in the middle of a political campaign, and this would not be the first campaign where somebody on one side slipped something to a reporter because he feels it would hurt the guy on the other side.”

  • Hot columnist babe digs bloggers! [Kathleen Parker at Townhall]

    All of which brings me to my premise that the blogosphere isn’t just a challenge to journalism in its currently stagnant state, but a potential boon to problem-solving of a higher order. The beauty of the blogosphere is that it is self-igniting, self-propelling and self-selecting, a sort of intellectual ecosystem wherein the best specimens from various disciplines descend from the ethers, converge on an issue and apply their unique talents.

    Bloggers as superheros?

  • Hot columnist babe is a blogger! [Michelle Malkin at TownHall]

    As for [former CBS news executive Jonathan] Klein, his pajama put-down will go down in media history as the death cry of snob journalism.

  • Hey look! Another typewritter (the Olympia) that we KNOW was in Killian’s unit couldn’t have typed that memo.

  • Is this Dan Rather’s quote?

    To err is human but to really foul things up requires a computer.

    Looks like a forgery!!! The most common attribution is to Paul Ehrlich, in “The Farmers Almanac, 1978.”

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