Guess The New Expert Witness

Pajamahadeen Alert! – Rathergate Update Due At Noon

CBS plans to issue a press release at noon where they will continue to stand by there story. The Wall Street Journal reports that they will offer additional evidence to support their claim. Anyone keeping up with yesterday’s news can probably guess that if CBS uses Killian’s secretary Marian Carr Knox as a corroborating witness they are effectively admitting defeat. No doubt CBS will be tempted to use Knox’s Dallas Morning News interview, because in the midst of insisting that the documents were forgeries she opines that they are consistent with her memory of the time period. Of course the problem for CBS is that to use some of her statement and ignore the rest only serves to fuel the belief that the evidence was created to support the story’s thesis. It’s worth noting that while the DMN reporters went out of their way to present Know (86 years old) as lucid and in command of her memory of details, Killian’s family has questioned her memory of details from the time period.

Yesterday’s clarification introduced their new trump card – a typewriter repairman. It’s not clear who CBS will trot out to attempt to buttress the CBS party line, so that means for the next hour or so it’s time to play Guess The New Expert Witness!

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Update: If Allah is correct there very well could be up to six “experts” who each reviewed the SIX documents that CBS obtained. You might be wondering how there could be six documents when CBS only presented 4 documents. That news broke a few days ago but didn’t garner a lot of attention. It now seems that at least two of the experts convinced CBS not to run with 2 of the six memos. The CBS strategy for authentication seems to have been and elaborate game of compartmentalization.

Update: Looks like the press release is coming this afternoon. That just means more time for you to guess!!!

Shocking News From CBS!
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