Be careful what you wish for…

Back before Kevin left to cover the Republican National Convention, I publicly demanded that he pick me up a souvenir as compensation for his volunteering me in the Wall Street Journal to live-blog the speeches.

Yesterday, there was a knock on my door. This ratty-looking guy with dirty-blond dreadlocks and dressed all in black was there.

“Hey, dude. Are you Jay Tea?”

“Um… I might be…”

He brushed past me. “Cool. This dude I met in New York — I think his name was Kevin — told me I could crash here for a while.” He headed straight for my fridge. “Like, where’s your X-Box?”

I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I will get you for this, Kevin…


Guess The New Expert Witness
Coincidence? I think not...


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