Killian's Secretary Says Memos Are Fake

From the Dallas Morning News (Registration required – check BugMeNot for a valid ID):

Marian Carr Knox, the former secretary of President Bush’s National Guard commander says that CBS’s documents are fake and that she did not type them.

These are not real,” she told The Dallas Morning News after looking over the disputed documents. “They’re not what I typed, and I would have typed them for him.”

Knox did say that she recalled “all the yak-yak” about Bush’s service at the time and acknowledged that the documents did reflect that to some degree. However, she also told the paper that the documents were not printed on the typewriters which she used during the approximately 20 years she worked in the office Lt. Col Jerry Killian occupied.

…[S]he said, the use of the words “billets” and a reference to the “administrative officer” of Mr. Bush’s squadron reflect Army terminology rather than the Air National Guard. Some news reports attribute the CBS reports to a former Army National Guard officer who has a longstanding dispute with the Guard and has previously maintained that the president’s record was sanitized.If you read the whole article you’ll note that the secretary is no fan of the President.

That should end the debate about the authenticity of the memos. The debate about the motives is still being fought, and the secretary has insight there as well. I’ll have more thoughts on that later.

More on Marian Carr Knox at Powerline, RatherBiased, and AllahPundit.

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