Everything Old Is New Again

Some people never learn. Via Wonkette we learn the original official Bush/Cheney Sloganator is back:

Of course you should also remember that the Kerry Sloganator has never left:

Tip: As many have already discovered, you can send your text to the Kerry Sloganator in a URL string. Don’t forget the Kerry Sloganator Gallery where you can post and view your (and others) masterpieces.

What about the Kerry Core (where you get your own page on the Kerry site)?

I’s active again. Sign up now. Make sure you do a screen capture for posteriety in case your page is removed.

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PSIf Jeff Goldstein is goes missing for more that 24 hours call for professional help.

PPSIt’s about time to update the Kerry Sloganator to the Kerry/Edwards sloganator. I’ll start working on that.

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