Rather Defends on CBS News (again)

Dan dives in the tank again…

Tonight Dan Rather tried to defend the documents again. He repeated the claim that CBS had multiple experts authenticate the documents but still only showed footage of Marcel B. Manley. He repeated the “but everyone know George Bush sucked” line of defense.

Potentially Dan’s weakest moment came when he tried to argue that since one fact in the memo was true, all the memos must be authentic. He said (paraphrased), “See, right here it say Bush was suspended from flying on this date… And in this other document obtained earlier it says he was suspended from flying on that same date. So the documents must be authentic.” By Dandy Dans method, since they got Bush’s name right the documents can’t be forged. Pathetic.

Dan presented 2 people to back up his claims. Both obviously were new to the story, not consulted before the documents were found to be forgeries.

The first was Bill Glennon who used to be a typewriter repair man. He said all the functions (th, proportional spacing, etc) were available as SPECIAL ORDER items at that time. Their typewriter repair guy DID NOT mention which model with be able to do any of these things on the same document. We know the Selectric composer is out..

The second guy was a “software designer” who “noticed” something about the documents. [OK if this was not a liberal pajama wearer I’m a monkey’s uncle. -ed] Dan put his defense in the hands of one Richard Katz. Apparently Katz “noticed” that at least one of the number 1’s appeared to be using a lowercase “L” as they did on old typewriters. I know I saw a discussion of this and I’m betting this has been debunked. (I’ll look for link) I know I saw it discussed on selectcomposer.org. But what impressed me most was they showed a blow up on the screen of the “1” and the “l” and they looked very different to me.” (I’ll watch this again and grab the frame if needed)

The other thing Mr. Katz noticed was that one of the TH’s was small and one was regular size. (May 1972 memo) He claimed that would mean someone would have to go and turn that feature off and on in Word. Not so– A single space between the 111 and the TH would make Word not automatically make it a superscript. (111th would super, 111 th would not) From the memo you can not tell if there is a space or not. Hardly “definitive” as our friend Dan likes to say.

I should point out it is abundantly clear from this story CBS does not have any more cards in its hand. They have fired all their shells and are now looking thru their emails and skimming blogs looking for ammo. By Wednesday Rather will be quoting Daily Kos.

Update: I told you! In the end, Rather turned to one of the same people he disparaged earlier to defend him. A blogger.

Bill Glennon, a technology consultant and I.B.M. typewriter specialist who had posted his thoughts on the memos on a blog and was quoted over the weekend in publications including The New York Times, said CBS called him Monday morning. The producer asked him to come in and look at the memorandums and say whether he thought that an I.B.M. typewriter could have produced the documents. He said he was initially leery of talking. “Because quite honestly there’s some people out there, they’re scary,” he said. “You don’t agree with them, you offer opinions that don’t jibe with theirs and you get a target on your back.”

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