AP has Documents -Calls them bogus- quietly

This story has been linked before by many but the USA Today quietly updated it at 10:03 PM today (eastern?)

That superscript, however, is in a different typeface than the one used for the CBS memos. Document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines of Paradise Valley, Ariz., who examined the documents for the AP, said she was “virtually certain” they were generated by computer.

Developing…. (UPDATE: or not see below)

Check here too.

Update: Allah (who has been all freaking over this angle) notes that Sandra Ramsey Lines said as far back as Thursday that she thought they were bogus.

I took it from the USA Today report above that the AP had obtained a copy of the documents. (CBS and USA Today both have copies they obtained independently.) From reading the wording in the AP report from Thursday and the one from tonight it seems obvious they are recycling. Sorry.

But still, now we know 2 news sources have “originals.” Will the USA Today get a real expert to look at them? So far 4 days have passed with not a peep. hmmmmm

On The Trail Of The Forger
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