Question for the Mainstream Media

CBS has said, on multiple occasions, that the “documents were provided by unimpeachable sources.”

Clearly these sources, to CBS at least, have a good reputation. It is therefor logical to conclude that these “sources” have the ability to use the telephone.

Then the question the other members of the media must start asking themselves, privately if not publicly, is why have their phones not rung?

Clearly this source wanted to get the documents into the media cycle. That being the case they can not be please the authenticity has been challenged. It would be in the best interest of this source to provide additional copies to other networks or indeed all the networks. CBS had its scoop on 60 Minutes II, giving them to the rest of the media would only be logical.

So for any of you in the mainstream media that might be reading this… Has your phone rung? Have any of your colleagues’ phone rung?

What does that tell you about CBS’s “unimpeachable source.”

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