Where are the Fatwas Against Bin Laden?

Journalist, and former Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Dr. Sa’d Bin Tefla criticizes Muslim nation’s equivocal stance on Osama bin Laden. He concludes as follows:

Where are the Fatwas Against Bin Laden?

Despite the fact that bin Laden murdered thousands of innocents in the name of our religion and despite the damage that he has caused to Muslims everywhere, and especially to innocent Muslims in the West whose life is much better than the life of Muslims in Islamic lands, to this date not a single fatwa has been issued calling for the killing of Bin Laden, on the pretext that Bin Laden still proclaims ‘there is no God other than Allah.’ [But] is it not the case that Napoleon repeated the same thing many times in the course of the French attack on Al-Azhar?

But let us put aside the [subject of the] fatwa. Have any protests been held condemning bin Laden’s actions in any of the Islamic capital cities? Perhaps there were some that demonstrated in his favor. The [Muslim] satellite stations competed amongst themselves in broadcasting his sermons and fatwas, instead of preventing their dissemination as they did in the case of [Salman] Rushdie’s book [The Satanic Verses]. Have we earmarked a reward for anyone who kills bin Laden as we did for anyone who kills Rushdie on account of his book?

With our equivocal stance on bin Laden we from the very start left the world with the impression that we are all bin Laden.A longer version is available at MEMRI.

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