Where did CBS get the documents?

Maybe someone can disabuse me. I’ve spent 30-40 minutes on CBS’s website, the Boston Globe’s website and google and I can’t find the answer to my question.

Where did CBS get the documents? The CBS site is quite vague.

“What’s never surfaced before are these four government documents from the personal files of the late Col Jerry Killian, Bush’s squadron commander.” (Dan Rather voice over from video report)

The Pentagon released “newly found files” on the president’s National Guard service. Dan Rather reports they may clear up lingering questions… (text on a link, never found in actual news story)

But previously unseen documents from Killian’s personal file obtained by 60 Minutes include a memorandum…(another news story, text)

With the exception of that 1 link, every mention in their reportage does not give the pedigree of these papers. CBS calls them “personal records” but Killian’s son told the AP that CBS did not get them from the family.

Boston.com just says “obtained by CBS.”

Did the Pentagon give CBS an exclusive? Considering these papers would be in the public domain that seems odd. And if so, why not mention they came from the Pentagon? (other than in a link which could be wrong considering the volume of reportage devoid of this fact)

Even the Whitehouse got their copies from CBS and not a governmental agency. That just strikes me as odd.

If someone can answer this question I’d appreciate it.

I’m beginning to think Dan Rather got a new copy of Microsoft Word and wanted to see how it worked. (only joking of course– maybe)

I’ll delete this if someone can give me a link quick- Thanks

Update: I didn’t just missed it in the chatter. The Washington Post wants to know too.

After their initial airing on the “CBS Evening News” and “60 Minutes II” programs Wednesday night, the documents were picked up by other news organizations, including The Post. A front-page story in The Post yesterday noted that CBS declined to provide details about the source of the documents, the authenticity of which could not be independently confirmed.

On Wednesday evening, the White House e-mailed reporters copies of the documents, as supplied by CBS…

This is getting to be the $64,000 question.

UPDATE 2: They refused the NY Times as well: “CBS News declined to say how it obtained the memos. “

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