CBS Memo Controversy – "It's Is Like A Cancer…"

And now it’s speading…


Portis ‘injury’ is a hoax

A false report surfaced on the Internet saying Redskins running back Clinton Portis was out “8-12 weeks” with a herniated disk. Team officials quickly debunked it, but not before the news got posted on CBS and piqued the interest of a variety of print and broadcast reporters.

“It was egregious and, frankly, unforgivable, and we apologize to our readers, Portis and to the Redskins for publishing the misinformation,” managing editor Mark Swanson wrote on the Web site.

The initial report was a fake story inserted into the template and posted on a random site in cyberspace. A similar report apparently was done Wednesday concerning Dallas Cowboys guard Larry Allen. The NFL’s legal arm was investigating, seeking to head off any future hoaxes.

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