The 10 Spot

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb…

  1. Are you ready for some football? Jessica Simpson’s wardrobe is

  2. Joe Katzman explains The Bush Doctrine.

  3. Mickey Kaus links to this Slate campaign dispatch. John Kerry wants to create a Department of Wellness?

  4. Kerry’s House of Ketchup

  5. Jeff Goldstein notes that Oliver Willis is Like Velcro To Crazy.

  6. Chechen Fighters Offer $20M Bounty For Putin. They may be terrorists, but they’re big-brass-balled terrorists.

  7. One of the attendees at John Kerry’s Winter Soldier investigation explains how they coax lies out of attendees – they threatened to leave them carless in Detriot.

  8. Army blogger Colby Buzzell (My War) has attracted the attention of his superiors. You might remember Buzzell (known on the site as CBFTW) as the author of the gripping Men in Black entry – now deleted. The Wall Street Journal has a profile.

  9. Kate McMillan rounds up evidence on the “exclusive memo” that CBS’s 60 Minutes II found. She’s got the tagline of the day –
    Dead Men Type New Tales?

  10. Sunday September 12th (2:00PM – 4:00PM) at Upper Senate Park near the Capital in Washington DC, Vietnam veterans, their families and friends and YOU will be at th Kerry Lied While Good Men Died Rally. More details at Vietnam Vets for the Truth

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