NYT – Going It Alone

Just in case you weren’t sure if The New York Times was cheerleading for a quagmire, notice how their report of a Rumsfeld press conference doesn’t match what was said.

New York TimesU.S. Conceding Rebels Control Regions of Iraq

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 – As American military deaths in Iraq operations surpassed the 1,000 mark, top Pentagon officials said Tuesday that insurgents controlled important parts of central Iraq and that it was unclear when American and Iraqi forces would be able to secure those areas.

AP (and every other media outlet) – Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Will Retake Cities

WASHINGTON (AP) – Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday he is confident the interim Iraqi government will find a way to retake cities now in the hands of insurgents.

The Times reporters must have left the press conference early, because the he detailed exactly when the U.S. expects those cities to be under control of the Iraqi government – when the Iraqi government security forces are capable of defeating insurgents.

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