Is it Worth Fisking the NY Times Anymore?

The New York Times is so blatantly out of control, it is almost meaningless to fisk them anymore. It is sort of like when your sports team is having a bad year and the fake schedule goes around that next year they are playing the “Lighthouse for the Blind” in the season opener. Fisking the Times is not even sport anymore. But they are the “paper of record” so I guess it is still worth doing.

At least Nicholas Kristof is completely honest about his bias. The Swifties hurt Kerry so he is going to attack Bush.

I’ve steered clear until now of how Mr. Bush evaded service in Vietnam because I thought other issues were more important. But if Bush supporters attack John Kerry for his conduct after he volunteered for dangerous duty in Vietnam, it’s only fair to scrutinize Mr. Bush’s behavior.

There is a difference Mr. Kristof, John Kerry ran on his service in Vietnam to the exclusion of all other issues. It was obvious people were going to question it.

It’s not a pretty sight. Mr. Bush was saved from active duty, and perhaps Vietnam, only after the speaker of the Texas House intervened for him because of his family’s influence.

Your knowledge of the subject is not a pretty sight Mr. Kristof. Your source, Ben Barnes, testified under oath that he was never asked by anyone in the Bush family to get him into the National Guard. Further, he has donated or raised almost a quarter million dollars for John Kerry.

Mr. Bush signed up in May 1968 for a six-year commitment, justifying the $1 million investment in training him as a pilot. But after less than two years, Mr. Bush abruptly stopped flying, didn’t show up for his physical and asked to transfer to Alabama. He never again flew a military plane.

That is patently and demonstrable false. He served 2 years full time. After that he was required to get 50 “points” a year to fulfill his obligation in the National Guard:

1968 Bush earned 253 points.
1969 Bush earned 340 points.
1970 Bush earned 137 points.
1971 Bush earned 112 points.
After 1971 we had an abundance of pilots but Bush still earned his points for 2 more years.
1972 Bush earned 56 points.
1973 Bush earned 56 points.

Then Kristof tells us why his source is so credible.

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In his first interview with a national news organization, Mr. Mintz recalled why he remembered Mr. Bush as a no-show: “Young bachelors were kind of sparse. For that reason, I was looking for someone to haul around with.” Why speak out now? He said, “After a lot of soul-searching, I just feel it’s my duty to stand up and do the right thing.”

“Like, we wanted to party man, but we never could find anyone to party with dude.”

Somehow Kritof thinks this is an unimpeachable source but 250 Veterans who served with Kerry are all political hacks.

Then Kristof denies all reality:

Does this disqualify Mr. Bush from being commander in chief? No. But it should disqualify the Bush campaign from sliming the military service of a rival who still carries shrapnel from Vietnam in his thigh.

Do I really have to point out the obvious that the Bush campaign has never questioned Mr. Kerry’s service? I guess Mr. Kristof doesn’t read the newspaper.

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