60 Minutes Equal Time Clock

More on the 60 Minutes hatchet job later. For now I’m working on a piece of code to track the days since tonights broadcast. When 60 Minutes air a comparable story on John Kerry the clock will stop. Note that it’s not actually a clock, but more of a counter. The number of days in the bolded text is what changes. I’m looking for a digital clock representation.

Update: The code to show the clock on your own web site is available below. I’m open to suggestions on the wording.

Ken Summers suggests this counter:

Update 2: Powerline makes the case that the memos used on 60 Minutes II were forgeries. Glenn Reynolds is tracking response to the story here.

Update 3: IBM started making proportional spaced typewritters in 1941. Still the fact that these memos magically turn up 7 weeks before an election with no background and a dead author is pretty fishy…

]]>< ![CDATA[Here's the code: